The proposed amendment would: 

Establish in the Constitution of the State of Ohio an individual right to one’s own reproductive medical treatment, including but not limited to abortion;

“an individual” = anyone, including minors

“not limited to abortion” = minors will have a constitutional right to any “reproductive medical treatment” without their parents’ knowledge or consent

Create legal protections for any person or entity that assists a person with receiving reproductive medical treatment, including but not limited to abortion;

Anyone – including a predator or abuser – who helps a minor obtain an abortion or any other “reproductive medical treatment” is protected from prosecution.

Prohibit the State from directly or indirectly burdening, penalizing, or prohibiting abortion before an unborn child is determined to be viable, unless the State demonstrates that it is using the least restrictive means;

The state cannot restrict abortion through the age of viability, which is when unborn babies can survive outside the womb. This is usually between 24-26 weeks gestation, when the baby is over 14″ long and fully developed. 

This means common sense protections such as parental notification, parental consent, informed consent, certain limits on abortion pills, and other limits will be invalid under Issue 1. 

Grant a pregnant woman’s treating physician the authority to determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether an unborn child is viable;

Viability is determined solely by the abortionist – who makes money from the procedure. 

Only allow the State to prohibit an abortion after an unborn child is determined by a pregnant woman’s treating physician to be viable and only if the physician does not consider the abortion necessary to protect the pregnant woman’s life or health; and

Abortionists are allowed to abort babies until birth in certain circumstances. The exception for women’s health does not only include physical health, but also encompasses social, emotional, financial, and educational health. 

Always allow an unborn child to be aborted at any stage of pregnancy, regardless of viability if, in the treating physician’s determination, the abortion is necessary to protect the pregnant woman’s life or health.

Again, this also applies to minors. An abortionist can perform an abortion on a minor any time during pregnancy if any of these factors are present – with or without evidence.

If passed, the amendment will become effective 30 days after the election.



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